Country brunch

Saturday, June 4, 2011

What better way to start a promising weekend than to welcome it with a delicious brunch in the cottage far away from the noisy city? Especially if you own a country home like the ones above..

Image credits:
1.Tom McWilliam, 2.Stephen Karlisch, 3.Nadia MacKenzie, 4.Deborah Jaffe
2 comments on "Country brunch"
  1. Dreamy indeed. Having 4 pre-teens for slipcover at the house tonight, so brunch is planned tomorrow for us: eggs and bacon, pancakes, fruit salad. Of course, I will have to join them as a host - and to make sure it tastes good, right? Then, off for a long run.
    Have a fabulous weekend Eleni, X-

  2. Sooo pretty, I love the rustic vibe!
    Elpizo na ta pernas kala, filakia!