Trekking day

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Such a fulfilling and exhausting day today! I went trekking into a most beautiful gorge in Southern Crete, Oreino Gorge, gasping from awe throughout almost the entire journey. After hours of walking through breathtaking rock mountains and waterfalls, we reached the small, coastal village of Koutsouras where we swam into the still cool, crystal sea waters and had fresh fish and beer next to the shore (yes, that exact table you see on the photo!). Oh my, I think summer is here for good! 

Images of the gorge via here. Table by the sea shot by me.
Many thanks to for the organizing of this trip.
5 comments on "Trekking day"
  1. Eleni,

    It is very lovely and I imagine you are exhausted from all the trekking you did. Beautiful view from the beach where you had beer and fish.


  2. Hello Eleni
    I just discover your blog and I'm so in love with Crete and Greece... I come here often. thanks you for these promenades from nice houses to little cute place on your island...Enjoy!!

  3. Αχ Ελένη! We have never visited Crete! I think is about time! My husband- who is Norwegian loves trekking and exploring on our holidays .... I just follow him exhausted -but I always enjoy it in the end ; )

  4. ειμαι σιγουρη οτι η μπυρα και το ψαρακι ειναι στο διπλανο τραπεζακι
    ειναι ετσι Ελενη ???

  5. oh how lucky you are to live in such a wonderful place!
    I envy you ;-)