Feeling fluo

Friday, May 6, 2011

Now tell me the truth; would you dare to use fluorescent shades as a basic wall coloring? I was definitely going to answer no to this but I kind of reconsider when I look at the images above. The oh so bright yellow totally fits in with the rest of the decoration and creates a cheerful, playful atmosphere you can't neglect. Keep in mind, though, that such colors are best suited for kitchens and dining rooms as appetite boosters- not a good choice for your serene bedroom.

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2 comments on "Feeling fluo"
  1. Wow, great images! I'm not sure if I would do it in my own home, but I do love a bright happy space!

    xo Mary Jo

  2. Beautiful photographs, but I totally disagree on bright colors being bad bedroom choices. It totally depends on your lifestyle, and what you use your bedroom for aside from sleeping. I personally love waking up in a bright yellow room - it's always sunny and puts me in a good mood. It doesn't bother me to sleep, because all colors look dark with the lights out.