Pillow fight

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pillows are the number one home accessory to dress up and stylize your place. There is a huge variety of colors, shapes and prices to pick from and limitless combinations to play with. Here is a glimpse of inspiration just to get you started.

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Image credits:
1.Stellan Herner, 2.Mikael Beckman, 3.Christina Lundsteen (via 79 ideas), 4.Marie Claire Maison
4 comments on "Pillow fight"
  1. great roundup! love all of these!

  2. love all!!! really nice...great colors!!!

  3. since i was very very young i had a crush with my pillow! i went everywhere with it! now i have three.. and at the living room, the dining room, the office..


  4. gorgeous collection - makes me feel like i need more pillows in my life!