County living: an Andalusian villa

Thursday, April 28, 2011

When it comes to astounding country villas I get totally weak in my knees. Not only do I want to pack my things and move there straight away but there's is also a deeper feeling that makes me all anxious and that has to do with my profession. I want to build one of these earthly miracles. To daydream about them and start sketching it's bones and flesh before even they have existed in the customer's imagination. It is the power of creation that I'm talking about and that tremendous strength that comes and hits me on my head whenever I bump into eclectic, country buildings, perfectly situated in natural surroundings, with all those natural materials and organic forms hiding under a dense green veil. Blogging about them sometimes feels like it's a bigger temptation than I can handle, on the other hand, however, it is vital to my existence. So I just carry on and dive even deeper into the design ocean, looking for even greater fish to catch and hope that you enjoy keeping me company on this quest.

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Andalusian villa in the mountains of Malaga via El Mueble.
9 comments on "County living: an Andalusian villa"
  1. Oh it's so beautiful! I love the little touches (the entrance to the shower, the beamed ceilings, the French doors)!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the floors in images 4 and 5 and the outside garden/eating area.

    Thanks for taking me along with you on your travels.


  3. Eleni,
    Absolutely Fabulous! I love the ceilings, the the bathroom, the kitchen, the fireplace in the bedroom, the views from the rooms, well, all of it! If I lived there, I would never leave!

  4. Perfect, perfect & every image!
    Come see what I've chosen to wear to the Royal Wedding, otherwise you might miss it as the wedding is only a few hours away! :)'s

  5. I don't have any words. Well, actually I do: I want to live there!

  6. Wow!! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Just perfect love the fireplace and the coziness feel of that bedroom and all that glorious light coming in through all the rooms!
    ♥ Noemi
    Fashion: Classy N Glamorous
    Travel: Across The Sea

  8. i love the white villa - but i particularly loved what you said about the power of creation for you! i want to copy it !! very powerful and inspiring Eleni!

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