How big is your bedroom?

Friday, February 18, 2011

My bedroom is big enough to take a double bed with it's side tables and a dresser, cute and cozy, no complaining. When I come across such warm and big-enough-to-be-my-living-room bedrooms, however, my heart skips a beat. Extra sofas and armchairs, bookcases and a fireplace.. well, why not ask for it? Universe is chaotic enough, who knows, maybe I'll have one of my own someday!

Image credits:
1.Elle Decor, 2.Atelier Turner
1 comment on "How big is your bedroom?"
  1. I swear it, I think I would almost kill for a fireplace in my bedroom! (By the way, isn't that Cindy Crawford's bedroom in the first image? I think it's hers.)