Butterflies and wood

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Warm browns and rustic atmosphere. I can almost smell the scent of wood..

Image credits:
1.Jonas Ingerstedt, 2.flight no. four by TheHauntedHollowTree.
2 comments on "Butterflies and wood"
  1. I can't believe it ! Your blog is great, it talks about and shows all the things I love, and ... it comes from my beloved Crete !!
    I am Italian but was born in west Crete, and I have always worked in interior decorating (well, until one year ago, when I was forced to change my job- not my passions, but that's another story).
    Imagine my surprise when I found your blog. I love it, thank you so much. Go on and make my day ! Everyday ! Giovanna

  2. i love it all. Natural woods, whites, pink and blacks are my faves right now. The butterflies are the perfect addition! xo