Baby it's cold outside

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Can you please, my sweet readers that live way up north, explain to me how you deal with cold temperatures? It seems rather awkward to me that even if the temperature here in Crete doesn't fall under 8˚C (46˚F that is), in most occasions, I get so cold I can't think straight. Well, obviously, I'm a summer girl when I stick with the warmer the better moto.. 
Forget my grumpiness today, I have a sore throat and feel like I'm getting a bit sick.. These bedrooms, with all those furry throws and pillows, are such a comfort now. See you later, hopefully! xo

Image credits:
1.Ryan Korban, 2.Nuevo Estilo (via home and garden)
5 comments on "Baby it's cold outside"
  1. Hi Eleni,
    I am totally with you!! Warm weather is where it's at for sure :)
    I grew up in Scandinavia, but am living in Florida, and while it's nice to visit, I truly adore the warm breeze... in January ;)!!
    I mean, I went walking at the beach on Sunday, even got a little tan on my shoulders!!
    (OK, so I admit, the water is still too cold for me, but the tourists are loving it...)

    Stay warm,
    Northern Light

  2. It's so funny because it's springlike here in Southern California and I have been pinning for colder weather!! Crazy me.
    I am a warm drink, fuzzy socks and a roaring fire kind of girl. That's how I deal.

    The Cheeky Cafe

  3. Eleni, my husband and I are bronze sculptors in Seattle, WA. We work in an unheated warehouse size studio, and live in an adjacent loft space. While we wear insulated boots and coveralls to survive, I've learned that the real key to coziness is a HAT. I wear a soft skull cap indoors. In truly freezing weather, I will actually wear two hats out in the warehouse studio. I look ridiculous, but I am warm, even below 40 degrees F.
    We love your blog, and look at it every morning. It's very special.

  4. @Judith: You sound so right about the hat.. I've never used one as I think they don't look on me. Changed my mind now and I'm gonna crochet myself one asap!
    Thank you! See you around, sweetie =)

  5. Layers, hat, scarf and always keep spare warm, soft, beautiful blankets around the house. I live in North America's most Northern city with a population over 1 million so you can trust me, I know cold (last week it was -33 C/-27 F and I was cozy haha Check out my profile pic....see? Hats!