Watching over at the San Juan Islands

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Although modern architecture is not my thing, I was totally stunned by this house designed by Miller Hull. To tell you the truth, what actually drew my attention was the magnificent view (so obvious, don't you think?)  and how the building is taking advantage of its beautiful surroundings as it seems naturally and effortlessly positioned in them. Wouldn't it be dreamy to cook in that golden, sunlit kitchen?

Images via The Miller Hull Partnership.
3 comments on "Watching over at the San Juan Islands"
  1. I agree with you - I usually am not a fan of modern architecture but this house is perfect for its location - taking full advantage of the view! Great post.

  2. The attention to detail and precision of workmanship goes hand in hand with the crazy views. Looks amazing.

  3. imagine waking up to that view.. perfect!