Royal quarters

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Let your bedroom be a charming scene for the most romantic play this Sunday night! xo

Image credits:
1.Hotel Ad Place Venice, 2.Dennis Servers' House (photograph by James Brittain)
5 comments on "Royal quarters"
  1. Such beautiful pictures...and yes...romantic too! I love, love, love, the headboard in the first photo.
    I am one of your newest fans/followers. I look forward to your posts, your photos always inspire me. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Susan : )

  2. I would love to stay in that hotel in Venice - what beauty! Thanks for such beautiful inspiration!

  3. mood this weekend? LOL....beautiful pictures!!!! have a nice week...

  4. The best room for valentines day.
    The most romantic and charming bedroom ever.
    How much is the rate for this room?