Coffee under the sun

Sunday, January 9, 2011

After a night of nightmares, I woke up to a house full of chores and little bits and pieces to be taken care of. Bummer or what?! Thankfully, the sun shines in the Cretan sky after many many days and after I finish with the things to be done, I'm definitely going outside to get some rays on my face! Have a great Sunday! xo

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5 comments on "Coffee under the sun"
  1. Uff nightmares are no fun. I hope and wish you a great Sunday :)) Yes, catch some sun ray from me too :p.

    Brr i'm freezing up here in Sweden. Excited though because I'm heading 'home' to Malta in a few weeks. Only for 2 weeks though. Yey..hopefully it will be a sunny.

    Take care

  2. glad for still raining!!! i gonna cry....
    nice sunday to you!!!!!

  3. i love the winter morning only i need a place like these pics to sit and bask all day long :)

  4. sunshine and coffee and a cozy little nook outside sounds perfect! hope you had a nice sunday!

  5. Oh that looks so heavenly - what a perfect spot for coffee and a few minutes stolen out of a busy day.