Saturday, December 18, 2010

Don't you love the feeling of a crisp, sunny morning when everything is clean and shiny due to the continuous rainfall of the last days? Such days make me more optimistic and content; nature has an unerring way of reminding us how life works (and why we should always try to keep our chin up!).

My Paradissi is undergoing some changes these days, actually I'm gathering up all my technological knowledge to make it more welcoming and user-friendly. Your opinion is mostly appreciated, I'd be grateful if you would  leave me a comment about what you think about this blog. Thank you!

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5 comments on "Sunshine"
  1. love those 2nd & 4th photos ... and your new look. very clean yet warm and inviting

  2. Thank you Doreen! I'm glad you like it =)

  3. LOVE that living many textures..

  4. So warm and cosy, as usual...

    In my opinion, it would be more easy if we were easily registered as something like a "member" of this site, so we wouldn't have to reregister every time...
    And as I am addicted to facebook, I would say I would want to press in every sigle photo that I like a button "I like"... I know, I know, I am addicted.. ;)))

  5. Thank you Niki for your tips!
    By membership do you mean following the blog? You have to have a google account to do that. Otherwise I have no answer yet but I'll do a research.
    I thought the 'send to facebook' button under every post would do the same as 'i like' button but I guess I was wrong! I'll see to that asap =)
    Thank you again and wish you a Merry Christmas!