A three-story, 1800s apartment in Paris

Monday, November 15, 2010

Charles Carmignac of the Moriarty band and his wife did an amazing work renovating this Parisian, three-story, 1800s haberdashery into a functional, stylish apartment.

  • The large living room windows  looking at the front garden.
  • The open, wooden mezzanine with the really old spiral, wooden staircase that curls up the storeys as an ancient snake.
  • The built in kitchen where the old cabinets from the haberdashery were being used.
  • The bleached wood tones and the light, grayish adobe that brighten the house.
  • The wooden bathroom inspired by the Orient Express.
  • The wooden roof beams in the master bedroom and the skylight on the ceiling that is covered with retractable straw shades.
What's your favourite part of the house?

Images via the NY Times.
16 comments on "A three-story, 1800s apartment in Paris"
  1. This apartment genuinely makes me want to cry - It's that beautiful!!

  2. oh my gosh, this place is perfect.

  3. Whoah! that is the most beautiful home ever! GORGEOUS!!!!!

  4. I feel you louweezwee... it makes me want cry...
    It is perfect!
    I so love the bedrooms, and the chaiselong, so so much...

  5. Oh wow that is amazing. So unique and so much character!

  6. this house is gorgeous!! i love the outdoor area and the bedrooms. i want to go there!!!

  7. this place is SO cool! I love your blog!


  8. In what arrondissement is the apartment located? Very nice depending on the area...

  9. @Obolo: The NY Times reffer to it as the 14th arrondissement. Any ideas? Unfortunately, I haven't been to Paris (yet).

  10. lovely. All fabulous, but especially adore the second bedroom and the bookcase...my husband would die for that.

  11. oh, this is fantastic! the proportions are a bit weird, but i think it adds to the charm... i can't pick a favourite room; they're all wonderful in different ways!

  12. I found you via Jenn's Department of Interiors and she has great taste. I just adore the room with the super large mirror - it's so simple and so effective!

  13. I saw this featured somewhere - was in the New York Times? Anyway - can't remember but I was, as you obviously are as well, totally in love with it - everything we always imagine chic bohemia in Paris to be!

  14. Swoon.

    This place is absolutely stunning. The spiral staircase, the shelf-lined walls, the kitchen.. I love it all.

  15. So cozzy
    so peaceful
    so cute
    just perfect!

  16. This place is out of this world - thank you so much for sharing. Makes me want to live in Paris! IF only all places were like this though!