Kitchen inspiration

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

There are some rooms that can speak straight to one's heart and this kitchen, designed by G. P. Schafer Architect, definitely captured me the moment I laid eyes on it. So, here I share it with you today.

  • Black countertop and white cabinets combined beautifully with sweet brown, wooden floor for warmer effect.
  • The exposed, white ceiling beams.
  • The kitchen island and the all the pans and pots hung on S hooks above it, within arm reach.
  • The little Bed & Breakfast sign above the door which gives a playful, nostalgic tone to the room.
 Images via G. P. Schafer Architect.
7 comments on "Kitchen inspiration"
  1. I love the hanging rail! It's so country style!!!

  2. what a beautiful kitchen...except for the black countertops! i had them in my last house and they were awful. they show everything and i felt like i was ALWAYS cleaning them.

  3. Shelly, maybe you are right. There are so many times I come across beautiful interiors that in everyday life seem to cause difficulties. It's a pity don't you think?

  4. i love this kitchen! it is very similar to what i want my next one to look like!

  5. Beautiful! Love hanging pots. This is a perfect country kitchen! xo