Breezy sophisticated penthouse renovation

Monday, December 11, 2017
Sophisticated penthouse renovation in Miami by Anenue Lifestyle Holly Marder and Hedda Pier

When Holly and Hedda from Avenue Lifestyle post about a new interior design project of theirs, the internet world just skip a heartbeat. Their work is immaculate, elegant, fresh and versatile and their recently renovated apartment in Miami is a pure example of that. As an interior designer myself that works mostly on e-design projects, I admire their stamina and strong will to take up a project on the other side of the world (they are based in Netherlands) that required not only drawings, moodboards and shopping lists like most e-design projects, but also visits on the site, contractor meetings and on site material selections. It took them a year and a half to complete the lot but, boy, isn't the result just stunning? Scroll down to see a selection of photos from this work but do visit their site to see more as well as the before shots and detail drawings of the original design.

The Weekend

Saturday, December 9, 2017
Scandinavian bedroom with leaning floor mirror via Entrance


Such a beautiful blouse.

Most gorgeous brass Christmas tree ornaments.

I just love the calmness in this monochromatic styled living room.

Dream home, incredible architecture, breathtaking location.

Perfect dress for the holidays.

Couldn't agree more (as much as google translator allows anyway): Styling trends we see around that probably don't work in ordinary households.

"..if you say something honestly, even if you feel lame or pathetic, no one will fault you for it. No one will think anything bad about you because you’ll just be relatable. It’s when you [fail] to say something in an honest way… that’s when it starts feeling weird".
 Words of wisdom by one of my favorite mom/girl/friend bloggers out there, Joanna Goddard, at the interview she gave at Man Repeller.

You've probably already seen this magical pampas cloud installation as it is all over the social media but, really, have you seen anything prettier recently?

Cutest little plush lion for the kiddos.

This sparkly wintery cake is sure to steal the show so hop over to get the recipe.


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Happy weekend, friends :)

Image via Entrance


Friday, December 8, 2017
Contemporary Japanese pottery by Koji Kitaoka on Etsy
Shinogi Mug Cup ($30)

Contemporary Japanese pottery is a huge trend these days with its handmade minimalistic expression featured amongst many of the most pin-worthy styled interiors. The elegant and refined ceramic mugs and bowls of Koji Kitaoka are a characteristic example of this style and it is a great honor to have him today on the blog talking about his creative journey, right after the jump.

The cozy cocoon Christmas Gift Guide

Thursday, December 7, 2017
The cozy cocoon Christmas Gift Guide by My Paradissi The cashmere crop mockneck Gingerbread candle Paper Christmas decoration Do What You Love notebook H7 in natural by B&O Play Ultima thule red wine glass by Iittala Aalto vase 6.25 by Iittala Sunday Suppers: Recipes + Gatherings Nordic salad servers by Skagerak Adonia chair by Eichholz Eye mask in natural by Fog Linen Mini shooting star wooden wick tin candle Perception set by Aesop Lumio book lamp by Max Gunawan Women's Ansley slippers by Ugg Henning Koppel pitcher by Georg Jensen Maharam pillow in cotton velvet Linen throw Cedar & Eucalyptus garland
1. The cashmere crop mockneck (Everlane, $100)
2. Gingerbread candle (ThatCharmingShop, $24.91+)
3. Paper Christmas decoration (Amara, €28 for a set of 4)
4. Do What You Love notebook (OldEnglishCo, $9.62)
5. H7 in natural by B&O Play (Need Supply Co, $399)
6. Ultima Thule red wine glass by Iittala (2modern, $65 for a set of 2)
7. Aalto vase 6.25 by Iittala (2modern, $175+)
8. Sunday Suppers: Recipes + Gatherings by Karen Mordechai (Amazon, €28,03)
9. Nordic salad servers by Skagerak (Amara, €67)
10. Adonia chair by Eichholz (Houseology, €1,349.87)
11. Eye mask in natural by Fog Linen (Need Supply Co, $18)
12. Mini shooting star wooden wick tin candle (AYDRY, $12)
13. Perception set by Aesop (Need Supply Co, $85)
14. Lumio book lamp by Max Gunawan (Design Within Reach, $200)
15. Women's Ansley slippers by Ugg (Amara, €109)
16. Henning Koppel pitcher by Georg Jensen (Amara, €230)
17. Maharam pillow in cotton velvet (Design Within Reach, $200)
18. Linen throw (Parachute, $169)
19. Cedar & Eucalyptus garland (Food52, $70)

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