Studio Paradissi Gallery Wall

Monday, January 27, 2020
Studio Paradissi Gallery Wall

After what seems like ages of internal debating and some doses of procrastination due to the very real nail+holes fear, I finally created the so much anticipated gallery wall above my dining table.

The gallery wall consists solely of Studio Paradissi art prints and I may as well call it a display wall of my artworks. Since I don't have a showroom yet, this is the nearest substitute to it for now.

On this gallery wall, you can see a collection of my works from different series as well as from my exclusive collaborations with The Poster Club and Wall Of Art. You can find the links to all the prints I used at the end of this post. Hope you like it, friends :)

Studio Paradissi Gallery Wall
Studio Paradissi Gallery Wall
Studio Paradissi Gallery Wall
Studio Paradissi Gallery Wall

1 | Some Privacy Please - Jude
2 | Altitude
3 | Tokyo
4 | Abstract 334 (printable version)
5 | Some Privacy Please - Tracy
6 | Lady With Amphora
7 | Perspective 02
8 | Galerie Temporaire 47
9 | Abstract 696
10 | Some Privacy Please - Coco
11 | Galerie Temporaire 09 (printable version)

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