The Weekend

Saturday, May 11, 2019
Photo by mikanueverydaybag


Dream tote for summer.

Seems like the over-striving era of the influencers is coming to an end, and being a slacker is a thing again. Here is a very interesting read on that matter.

A casual cozy jumpsuit perfect for day long activities/festivities.

Cutest collection of guitars ever!

This bookstore window in Paris.

Adorable raffia sconces perfect for a chic summer house vibe.

On raising minimalist kids.

Stars in my eyes: This mirror wood paneled wall is stunning!

These bamboo baskets to organize right about everything.


Last week - Contemporary Mediterranean home in Spain

Last week - Etsy Mix of the week

Back in 2018 - On My Radar: Etsy stores with handmade linen bedding

Back in 2017 - Contemporary kitchen with skylight

Happy weekend, friends :)

Contemporary printable art by Studio Paradissi

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