The Weekend

Saturday, December 22, 2018
Scandinavian minimalist Christmas tree by Selina Lauck
Selina Lauck


This gorgeous kimono coat.

The sparkling artworks of Sara Shakeel.

These elegant wooden Noshi salad servers.

Making this vegan chocolate pudding asap.

Can't wait for the Marie Kondo show to start on Netflix!

This dress for NYE.

And this dress over pants for the rest of the days.

Skipping winter for a moment and dreaming about this.

Said I'd just scroll down for a bit and then I lost my morning in this feed.

This interior is poetry.


Last week - Hand-dyed silk ribbon gift wrapping

Last week - Holiday decor idea: Natural white wreaths

Back in 2017 - Contemporary eclectic interior design

Back in 2016 - Christmas wintery scene

Happy weekend, friends :)

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