The Weekend

Saturday, September 29, 2018
Cozy dining room with window seat. Whiting Architects, photo by Sharyn Cairns
Whiting Architects, photo by Sharyn Cairns


What a sweet way to preserve an old building's memory after it's being demolished.

This cute polka dot shirt.

This is what you get when you ask an artist/designer for a free commissioned project.

When class, elegance and minimalism go hand in hand.

The headboard of my dreams.

A skillet apple cake I'd love to make this weekend.

These minimalist rustic salad servers.

Inspired by the idea of refinement.

Wish I had the time to knit my own washcloths! Or, maybe I'll find some as I feel the whole process would be extremely meditative.

A lovely waffle bedspread for an extra layer of coziness on the bed. 


Last week - My bedroom home office and new artprints

Last week - The design savvy home of Mikey of Brutalist Rum

Back in 2017 - Ceiling high curtains to hide the closet

Back in 2016 - Serene farmhouse in Victoria, Australia

Happy weekend, friends :)

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