Gorgeous gallery walls above the sofa

Thursday, August 23, 2018
Gallery wall above the sofa in TRNK via Bright Bazaar
TRNK via Bright Bazaar
Gallery wall above the sofa by Elin Odnegård
Elin Odnegård

I've literally spent the last two mornings picking art for the wall above my sofa. Oh my, really, how hard it is to put together a gallery wall!

Although I kept a more minimal vibe for my home (and only 3 prints), these cool gallery walls were a huge inspiration. I mean, aren't they amazing?

P.s. Bedrooms with gorgeous gallery walls and tons of gallery wall inspiration on this pinterest board.
1 comment on "Gorgeous gallery walls above the sofa"
  1. This is such inspiration! I have no clue what to place on the wall above my couch lol! :)