ETSY MIX of the week

Friday, August 24, 2018
Curated Etsy finds by Eleni Psyllaki for My Paradissi

1 | Love the posture and the sharp lining of this lady nude sketch (IanMorrisArt, €28.87)
2 | I have a thing for ceramic spoons lately, I love their sculptural nature and how they can uplift any mundane tablescape (GG05DesignLedStudio, €15.18)
3 | I've shared these ceramic moon chimes before but really aren't they so pretty? They can be displayed as a bundle or as a single strand and I love the subtle rustic vibe they have (mudpuppy, $75.91)
4 | Oh the million uses of kraft paper twine! If it also looks that good, it also makes a cool addition to any desktop situation, right? (PaperPhine, €22)
5 | Can't wait for chillier weather so I can wear warm slippers at work (haha, the perks of working from home :D). These natural sheep's wool felted ones look very pretty and cozy (VASlippers, €54+)
6 | This sheer linen gauze robe is just so delicate and precious. Can't think of a better understated luxury for lounging at home (Kinzzza, €103.59)

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