The Weekend

Saturday, July 21, 2018
Image by Hilde Mork


This everyday tee dress is perfection.

12 easy steps for living with less plastic.

Arches! Oh, I just can't have enough of arched interior elements.

And hammocks! After we placed one on our terrace there is certainly no going back.

These statement earrings are wow.

An easy lemon bars recipe to make over the weekend.

"It’s the idea that if we do the right things consistently over a long period of time, the future we want becomes more and more inevitable because our actions compound upon one another. Just as a small snowball being rolled down the hill slowly picks up snow with each rotation and becomes a huge one". Very inspiring read.

Cute linen bags to store bread, nuts or whatever needed (I love to use such bags to sort/store my underwear in my suitcase when traveling).

Love this vertical neighborhood as imagined by Fer Neyra.

I saw this sideboard in a home on Instagram (didn't save it silly me) and I really can't stop thinking about it ever since.


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Back in 2017 - This tropical hideaway will blow your mind away

Back in 2016 - 10 best modern daybeds

Happy weekend, friends :)

Image by Hilde Mork.
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