Mornings in bed

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The thing about content creating for my blog and social media is that I often get to craft scenes and scenarios of my ideal life so I can share them with you. The purpose of this is quite straight-forward; to inspire both you and me for a prettier lifestyle, a lifestyle that is closer to our dreams, a daily routine that brings out the best of ourselves.

Our homes are our sanctuaries and we ought to treat them with respect, to love them and work on them as much as we can. To me prioritizing our living environment, along with our body and soul, is essential as it is the capsule where we grow and thrive.

That being said, here's an ideal situation of a casual cozy morning in bed. I shared more about the story behind these images in this instagram post, hop over to read if you are interested :)

Products shown here: beige linen bedding, light beige top sheet (yes, it is a tablecloth like I mentioned in this post!), grey linen pillowcases (gifted), hand-woven towelart print, reusable glass straw, ladder (no longer exists, similar), book (haha, have to actually finish this one sometime!)

2 comments on "Mornings in bed"
  1. I LOVE your bedroom! <3 I love it when it's this neat and cosy, but also when it's kind of messy (as I saw on your instastory this morning). You have a beautiful home! :)

  2. Your bedroom is so warm and serene! I think that interior decorators should take note of your taste, with simple touches and a softer palette. People decorating office interiors should take note that the softer colors offer a warmer and more welcoming environment. I could see myself getting very productive working on my laptop on that bed!