The Weekend

Saturday, May 26, 2018
Villa HjÀlmeby. Image by Michael Lundblad


This oversized linen dress is amazing!

Love the natural touches, the light woods and the soft color palette of this kid's room.

A pretty swimsuit to pack for your vacation.

The evolution of IKEA as seen on their catalog covers (omg the Kroken chaise in the 1979 cover, why don't they bring it back?!)

A dream stone house in Mani, Greece.

The impressive modernist inspired ceramic sculptures of Eric Roinestad.

Table lamp perfection.

"It's easier to say NO when you realize how many people are asking". Keeping this phrase from this eye-opening piece on why emails are stressing the hell out of us.

Cute natural market basket to take to the beach. Or for a picnic. Or a weekend getaway. Or just carry around. Whichever ;)

Such an astonishing mix of materials in Malababa's flagship store in Madrid.


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Back in 2017 - Simple scandinavian interiors

Back in 2016 - Gorgeous lighting idea over the kitchen table

Happy weekend, friends :)

Image by Michael Lundblad via here

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