The Weekend

Saturday, May 19, 2018
BERBER LODGE via M. K. Sadler


This dress screams summer vacation. Want!

Are you a bath or a shower kind of person? (Definitely a shower one over here!)

This villa in southern Italy is a contemporary rural dream (and you can rent it for your holidays, sigh!)

Definitely getting myself a round straw bag for this summer.

Smart and pretty kitchen storage ideas from a chef.

I need the contrasting materials of this jug on my table.

Can't be sure of the scientific proof behind this IKEA experiment but it does deliver its message.

Just wanna walk barefoot on this plush organic jute rug.

Can literally taste my childhood summers from these photos.

This shoe instagram account made me cringe (watch at your own discretion!).


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Happy weekend, friends :)

Image via M. K. Sadler.

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