The Weekend

Saturday, May 12, 2018
Natural pool and olive tree in a private house in Ibiza. Interior Design & Styling  by Annabell Kutucu   Photography by Steve Herud


Such a cute shoulder bag for the summer.

OMG this kitchen.

This minimalist chuncky handmade mug for my morning ritual.

Cool diy ways to use branches for your home organization and decor.

Perfect dusty pink sofa.

Finally! Casa Cook opens a new hotel in Chania and I'm dying to visit.

Balloon graffiti to blow your mind.

Swooning over this summer dress.

She reminds me of my grandma and all those carefree summers of my childhood at the village.

Wouldn't mind mustard linen curtains for my living room at all.


Last week - Pre-made e-decor package: Neutral palette living room with home office

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Back in 2017 - Freestanding bathtubs to steal your heart

Back in 2016 - Jaw-dropping outdoor bathroom

Happy weekend, friends :)

Image via Abbavell Kutucu.
2 comments on "The Weekend"
  1. OMG!
    Ωραίες οι γιαγιάδες!

  2. Thanks for the lovely article. Lots of ideas to work with on this one.