Pre-made e-decor package: Neutral palette living room with home office

Monday, May 7, 2018
Pre-made e-decor package: Neutral palette living room with home office. Moodboard by Eleni Psyllaki for My Paradissi AINA white curtains AINA white curtains Eames® wire base low table Circle pendant light by Hannakaisa Pekkala for Northern Lighting HUG, linocut print Menu Tailor lounge sofa Akari UF4-L10 floor lamp by Isamu Noguchi for Vitra Wind pouf by Broste Copenhagen Peas rug by Hay SVALNÄS wall-mounted workspace combination Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers by Leonard Koren Flower vase 21 Flowe vase 13 Large storage basket in wool felt Large storage basket in wool felt Leaf table lamp by Muuto Woman art portrait Braided hemp basket by Nkuku Visu chair by Muuto Flowerpot with saucer by Hay

As you may already know I work in the online interior design business for many many years now, helping people from all around the world design and decorate their homes remotely.

After many requests and insightful comments, I decided to present you with a free pre-made e-decor proposal, like the one I am giving to my clients, that you can utilize for your living room should you be in the need of a professional interior design guidance.

For this design concept, I focused on creating a contemporary living room theme that incorporates a small home office space. It has a neutral monochromatic palette and is influenced by the scandinavian, minimalistic and wabi-sabi tendencies.


* people who live in small apartments and want to craft a pretty corner to work from in their living room

* people who love neutral color palettes with warm touches in a minimalistic and scandinavian approach

* people who appreciate professionally looking interior design but don't necessarily want to hire an interior designer for their home

* people who need the inspiration to furnish and decorate their living room at their own pace

* people who prefer quality over quantity when it comes to picking the right pieces for their home

not suitable for

* large families with young kids

* people who prefer bold colors in their lives

* people who possess a large collection of items that want to keep in the room

* people who like to have large gatherings there due to an insufficient amount of seats

* people who need a spacious home office with lots of storage to work from


Pre-made e-decor package: Neutral palette living room with home office. Floorplan by Eleni Psyllaki for My Paradissi


1. AINA white curtains (IKEA, $59.99 a pair)
2. Eames® wire base low table (Design Within Reach, $220, black top, chrome base)
3. Circle pendant light by Hannakaisa Pekkala for Northern Lighting (The Conran Shop, £119, black)
4. HUG, linocut print (srpaperworks, €39)
5. Menu Tailor lounge sofa (2Modern, $5,500, Natural Oak / Light Grey)
6. Akari UF4-L10 floor lamp by Isamu Noguchi for Vitra (The Conran Shop, £1,780)
7. Wind pouf by Broste Copenhagen (Amara, €659, caramel cafe)
8. Peas rug by Hay (Amara, €531, 140*200cm, soft gray)
9. SVALNÄS wall-mounted workspace combination (IKEA, $282)
10. Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers by Leonard Koren (Amazon, $13.40)
11. Flower vase 21 (TakashiSogo, €86.53)
12. Flowe vase 13 (TakashiSogo, €346.11)
13. Large storage basket in wool felt (SKANDINAVIOUS, €58.84, white / natural)
14. Leaf table lamp by Muuto (Luisaviaroma, $265, white)
15. Woman art portrait (BorianaM, €64.90+)
16. Braided hemp basket by Nkuku (Amara, €86, large)
17. Visu chair by Muuto (Amara, €329, wood base, black)
18. Flowerpot with saucer by Hay (Amara, €60, xxl, black)

Tips when looking for alternative products so as to stay consistent with the design concept

Low table: short, chrome legs

Pendant lamps: geometric, black, bare pendant lamp

Sofa: light colored upholstery and wood, slim figure

Floor lamp: paper, sculptural

Pouf: round, earthy color (like brown, brick, rust or dark beige)

Rug: off-white, high pile

Bookcase accessories: handmade, wabi-sabi, vintage

Table lamp: slim, contemporary, led, minimalistic, white

Chair: black, bentwood

Basket: natural, woven, light colored

Artworks: abstract, figure, monochromatic, black&white

Indoor planter: black, minimalistic


Walls: Elephant's Breath No. 229 by Farrow&Ball

Ceiling and trimmings: All White No. 2005 by Farrow&Ball

Pre-made e-decor package: Neutral palette living room with home office by Eleni Psyllaki for My Paradissi. Find the complete package at


* Since this pre-made e-decor package is addressing to a worldwide audience some of the stores I link to might not be a fit for some countries (perhaps they do not ship there or the shipping costs are too high). In this case, I suggest that you google the product description so you will find the best retailer in your area.

* The budget shown on this pre-made e-decor proposal is approximate and is affected by location, store pricing practices and items purchased. It is mostly meant to give you an estimate guidance of what such a design proposal might cost.

* Product stock is time sensitive so, there is the possibility that some of the products shown in this proposal might run out of stock or cease production at some point.

* No sales, shipping costs, taxes and handling are shown on the shopping list.

* The floorplans shown are for reference purposes so as to give you an idea of how this specific design concept might work on different occasions. They are inspired by typical apartment spaces in an average size. As you can imagine, the layout possibilities and the alternative options coming with them are pretty much endless.

* This e-decor package is lacking the 3d visualizations due to a time shortage but I am planning to create them and update this post soon.

If you prefer a bespoke e-decor package feel free to contact me with your request. Please note that due to a large number of ongoing projects there is a waiting list but I'll be happy to book a seat for you as soon as one opens up.

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  1. love the neutral color palette and the textures!

    1. Thanks Candi! It is a favorite palette of mine too :)