The Weekend

Saturday, April 21, 2018
Designer Paul & Architect Anne Vaugoyeau’s beautiful home in latest Residence Magazine. Image by Erik Lefvander.


This linen jumpsuit is so pretty.

A world of coincidences as captured by Jonathan Higbee.

Ok, I admit I was never a true fan of the series but there is certainly a point there on why Miranda would be the protagonist of Sex and the City should it came out today.

A coffee table I'm really digging lately.

Did you know that shopping online can prove beneficial to the environment in the long run (apart from being practical and easy to do so in the first place)?

Such an impressive statement necklace.

On my reading list: This is Home: The Art Of Simple Living by Natalie Walton.

A word on passionate designers.

A recipe to try this weekend.

I never thought I'd love green sandals but these are just awesome (and look so comfortable too).


Last week - A minimalistic spa that took my breath away

Last week - Gorgeous contemporary rustic villa with scandinavian influences

Back in 2017 - Bedrooms with textured walls

Back in 2016 - Eclectic modernist apartment in Spain

Happy weekend, friends :)

Image by Erik Lefvander.

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