The Weekend

Saturday, February 3, 2018
Solo art show, 2017, Kirill Bergart


Can't wait for the warmer days so I can live in this cool linen jumpsuit..

..or stay warm and cozy in this soft cashmere tunic until then.

Oh, the gorgeous muted pink and clay hues you can get from natural red onion dye.

Speaking of clay and pink hues, this blood orange cake decoration nailed it. It looks super tasty too.

Such a unique handmade planter.

In case you have missed, I created my first video this week! It is a complimentary video presentation for this post and I am planning to create more to share on the blog in the following weeks. Feel free to subscribe to my (totally) new Youtube channel to stay updated.

Wow, this outdoor armchair I'll gladly have indoors all year long too.

Food for thought: Is the uncurated instagram feed the new social media trend?

If you like to get your hands dirty and fancy a cool terrazzo project, this side table diy is just for you.

If, on the other hand, you love a clean home, then keep it in neat and tidy with this gorgeous broom and dustpan set.


Last week - Would you use a small stool as a nightstand?

Last week - Wooden cabin daydreaming

Back in 2017 - Contemporary sophisticated home in Antwerp

Back in 2016 - Eclectic classic home in Antwerp

Happy weekend, friends :)

Image via Kirill Bergart
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