5 Scandinavian home offices to make Monday look fab

Monday, February 5, 2018
Scandinavian home office inspiration | Stadshem

Although I haven't had a proper working week in ages (I work on the weekends too) I still have a hard time embracing Monday. I don't know, I think this is because during the weekends there are no calls, no immediate answers to emails, no interaction to the outside world, it feels more relaxing and easy to focus on the actual design. 

It happens, for that matter, that Sundays are my most productive days. 

And then, on a Monday, everything starts to demand attention again, everyone is back at their offices, back in business. 

So, before I deal with my long email list, here is some home office inspiration to ease the day and boost productivity. I love the calm feeling of these workspaces, the neutral color palette, the beautiful styling, the smooth lighting.

In case you need even more office inspiration to start the week, feel free to browse through my blog archives and my pinterest board.

Happy new week friends!

Scandinavian home office inspiration | A Merry Mishap
A Merry Mishap
Scandinavian home office inspiration | Brspec
Brspec via here
 Scandinavian home office inspiration | Fantastic Frank
Fantastic Frank
 Scandinavian home office inspiration | Only Deco Love
Only Deco Love

4 comments on "5 Scandinavian home offices to make Monday look fab"
  1. Πολύ ωραια... το μονο περίεργο για μένα ειναι οτι ολα κοιτούν τοίχο. Πάντα το γραφείο μου ήθελα να βλέπει σε παραθυρο!

  2. I've always loved Scandinavian style homes. But this is beyond extra ordinary. Especially, the last picture, the lights are awesome and what hue is the gray wall colour in the third picture?

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