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Saturday, January 6, 2018
Master suite by TJIP via DPAGES


This long knitted sweater looks so cozy!

My Paradissi has now an influencer page on Amazon! This means that I am finally having all my favorite products from the vast Amazonsphere gathered together in one spot for you to easily scroll through and shop if you like. The page will be updated frequently so feel free to drop by whenever you wish.

If you are a handwriting fond nerd, do see this (TBH I was drooling).

Such an adorable creamer and sugar bowl set.

It never crossed my mind that the highways in Dubai would look so mesmerizing from above.

Although I'm not in line with all the interior design trends predictions for 2018 shared on Vogue, this one by Ryan Korban felt right on spot: “This year, I’ve noticed that the concept of a ‘decorated space’ is going out of style, and that will only become more prevalent in the year to come. People want their spaces curated and not decorated. The idea of a decorated home feels old-fashioned to a new generation of design enthusiasts. A series of collected objects as decor is the new approach.”

I love these sleek pendant lamps for over the kitchen counter or island.

I'm growing fonder and fonder of artistic geometric mobiles these days. They are so ethereal and can cast beautiful reflections of the sun on the walls and ceiling. This one is a current favorite.

One of the prettiest calendars for 2018 (that you can also download and print for free!).

That's an interesting alternative to the traditional spanakopitas (mom, check it out!) and a great snack for the post holiday season.


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Happy weekend, friends :)

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