Friday, January 19, 2018
Contemporary Art by Ana Frois on Etsy
floating rock n.3 original drawing ($190.02)

Ana Frois' artwork feels like a dream scribbled down on the paper right the moment you wake up, eager to grasp the essence of it, fresh, unaltered, poetic. Her images captured me the very first moment I saw them on Etsy, many years ago and I'm glad to see that her drawings get even better, if I'm allowed to say so, in time. Click after the jump to read more about Ana and her work and don't miss her New Year offer currently running in her shop where you get a free tote bag with all orders over €50 (valid until 31/1)!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your store. 

My name is Ana Frois. I'm a Portuguese architect and self-taught illustrator based in Coimbra, Portugal. Since 2012, I’ve been working mainly with drawing and illustration. My main field of interest is drawing. I opened my Etsy shop back in April 2103, but it was not until September 2013 that I took it more seriously. My first order was in October 2013. I was lucky because one of my items appeared on Etsy Front Page! 

Contemporary Art by Ana Frois on Etsy
poppy ($11.40+)
Contemporary Art by Ana Frois on Etsy
figs ($11.40+)

What was the first thing you sold on your store? 

The Green House (I) Print was not the first thing I sold in my shop, but it was definitely one of my first orders. I still remember very clearly to packed it and that it was an order from a USA customer. To this day, the Green House (I) Print is still one of my best sellers.

Contemporary Art by Ana Frois on Etsy
Headless (II) ($10.13+)

Which of the product/s you have in the store is/are the most popular with your customers? Why do you think is that? 

Besides, the Green House (I) Print, that I’ve talked about before, the most popular products in my shop are the 2018 Houses Calendar, the "Diving" print and the "Inside" Print. I have no clue on why they are the customers' favorites!!!

Contemporary Art by Ana Frois on Etsy
cabin ($10.13+)
Contemporary Art by Ana Frois on Etsy
white chalk ($10.13)

Do you have any favorites from your collection? 

My favorites are always the most recent drawings. So now, two of my favorites items are two recent drawings, that I’m selling as digital prints, the Tangerine and the Poppy.

Contemporary Art by Ana Frois on Etsy
green house (I) ($11.40+)

What products have you enjoyed working on the most and why? 

The products I’ve enjoyed working the most are the Commissioned Houses. People send me some pics of their house, I will draw it for them. Mainly because of my academic background, I am always curious about other people’s houses, so when I get a commission to do a house, it’s always nice. I’ve done quite a few so far, from Venice, Italy to Texas, USA, from Copenhagen, Denmark to Vienna, Austria and it’s been fun. 

Contemporary Art by Ana Frois on Etsy
Contemporary Art by Ana Frois on Etsy

You can find Ana Frois on her website, facebook, instagram and pinterest.
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