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Friday, December 29, 2017
2017 year review in My Paradissi

Hey, 2017, you've been such a kind year :) I still wonder how on earth are you coming to an end all that soon! I guess it is true what people say that when you have children time goes by a lot faster than before. In a retrospect mood today, here are the highlights, both personally and professionally of this lovely year.

In April we welcomed our new family member and now I am proudly a mother of two boys, or should I say three since men never actually grow up ;) As much as this was my happiest moment of this year, a larger family comes with tons of new responsibilities and time-consuming activities that, unavoidably, strained my working hours to the bare minimum to keep my blog and interior design business rolling.

That being said, I had the pleasure to work on two very inspiring and fulfilling e-design projects. Both were kitchen designs in homes located in Switzerland and Belgium. I love the freedom that e-design gives and I'm sure that with the new family circumstances I wouldn't be able to tackle these projects otherwise.

I was also smitten that one of my interior design projects from 2016 was featured in two magazines, one here in Greece and the other one in Australia. It was such an honor to see my work printed on the shelves of so many people around the world.

Regarding the blog, it was high time I had a design update back in October. The main theme and branding were not changed but I am now having bigger images and a slidebar on top for a better user experience.

I also had the pleasure to welcome a great collaboration with COCO-MAT that run on the blog throughout 2017 . I had been a great admirer of this company that makes natural mattresses and pillows (among other things) for so long and I was excited to have them on board trying their products and sharing my thoughts with you

Finally, I was excited to start a new blog series, the Etsy Spotlight, where I get to interview my favorite Etsy sellers. If you follow along some time now then you probably know my deep love for the Etsy platform and my admiration for all the high-quality and unique handmade and vintage products one can find there. So, along with my popular Etsy Mix posts, this is a new series for you to dive into the handmade world and get to know the people behind the products you bring to your home.

Below is a roundup of some favorite posts that pretty much summon the vibes of 2017

Favorite decor moments of 2017 in My Paradissi

Favorite decor moments

Two-arm wall lamp in the bedroom

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Sculpture on pedestals

The Parentesi lamp in the bedroom


Displaying art on shelves

Decorating with cotton branches

The poetry of monastic dining rooms

Favorite product roundup posts

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Modern and contemporary wooden lounge chairs

I'd like to thank you so much for being such a great company in the past year and I wish you a lovely, healthy, creative, heartwarming, prosperous and unexpectedly pretty 2018! See you around friends :)

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  1. Θα έλεγα οτι είχες μια όμορφη χρονια/2017... εύχομαι το 2018 να ειναι ακόμη πιο υπέροχο για σένα!
    Καλές γιορτές με Υγεία (όλα τ άλλα είναι στο χέρι μας ;)


    1. Να σαι καλά Ντίνα! Καλές γιορτές και καλή χρονία :)