Friday, December 1, 2017
Minimal silver ring by AgJc on Etsy
Minimal silver ring ($41.98+)

Noone does black minimalistic jewelry as beautiful as AgJc! Or, at least that's what I believe when it comes to ethically handmade pieces created with extra love and attention to the detail. Their really hard to miss earrings of oxidized silver featuring semicircles, squares and triangles are probably their most recognizable products but their geometric forms are equally impressive in golden or matte silver finishes as well. Do follow along after the jump to get to know the duo behind AgJc and find a discount code to shop at their store at the bottom of this post (they do make awesome gifts for the holidays so do not miss this chance ;).

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your store.

We are two minds and four hands behind AgJc! Fernanda from Buenos Aires and Jérôme from Paris. A few years ago we met under the sun of the Mediterranean city Barcelona. We both come from backgrounds of art and design and we love work with our hands so at the beginning we simply enjoy creating small beauties and spending time together in our workspace at home sharing our different knowledges as a crafter and one day we realized that we would try to turn our passion in a real job. We moved to Paris and we founded AgJc. Today we enjoy our amazing work day by day, spending our time in our boutique atelier that we just opened in Barcelona and we are very grateful for this possibility to live doing what makes us happy!

Minimalistic earrings by AgJc on Etsy
Half circle earrings by AgJc on Etsy
Half circle earrings ($64.20)

How/when did you realize that your love for creating can be something more than a hobby? 

The crucial moment when we realized that our love for creating could be more than a hobby was when we started to sell enough to live and when we realized that different women from all over the world started to appreciate our work and wear our pieces.

Unique gold hoop earrings by AgJc on Etsy
Unique gold hoop earrings ($60)

What is it that makes your products special?

Our jewelry still being designed and handcrafted by us so each one of our pieces has its unique character and charm. We truly love what we do, we are very passionate at work but at the same time we take extra care in details to offer the best quality pieces. So I think that what actually makes our pieces special is a mix of love to offer top quality and design.

Check earrings by AgJc on Etsy
Check earrings ($29.63)
Asymmetrical earrings by AgJc on Etsy
Asymmetrical earrings ($59.12)

Do you have any favorites from your collection?

Yes, sure we have! They are the Check earrings, the Half circle hoop earrings, the Contemporary earrings, the Asymmetrical earrings, the Cylinder bar earrings N2, the Concentric circles studs and the Geometric silver earrings :)

Studio of AgJc in Barcelona
Studio of AgJc in Barcelona

Describe your studio. What do you like the most about it and/or what would you like to change?

We just moved to a new workspace in Barcelona, because we wanted to live closer to the sea for a while and we feel so excited and renovated with these changes! The true is Jerome made such an amazing work designing the space and furniture to combine our atelier in the back with a small shop in the front that it's perfect to us! Any detail was designed according to our needs so we would like to not change a little thing! It is a pleasure to us to share some pictures of our with your readers. The boutique atelier is located in Raval, one of the most vibrant quarter of the city at only 10 minutes walking from Ramblas so if someday you came to visit Barcelona please feel free to drop by and say hello.

Silver thin stacking rings by AgJc on Etsy
Silver thin stacking rings ($88.89)

What influences your work?

What definitely influences our work is an eclectic mix of our love of disciplines such as architecture, design or art in combination with our admiration of nature putting the emphasis on woman's body. Because the ultimate meaning of our work is creating wearable pieces to enhance the beauty of human body.

AgJc creating minimalistic jewelry
AgJc creating minimalistic jewelry

AgJc are kindly offering a 15% discount to shop at their store with code MYPARADISSI.

You can find AgJc on instagram and facebook.

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  1. these pieces of jewelery look really good the the amount of craftmanship that was devoted into this pieces is admirable are any of these up for sale thanks for sharing eleni