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Friday, November 17, 2017
July Product Styling on Etsy
XL Bow, Charcoal, Second Skin Collection ($176.42)

I was first introduced to July Adrichem's work through her Etsy store and her beautiful ceramics but it would be unfair and just a mere part of her creative nature to be known only as a potter. July is an artist and product stylist with some great collaborations including Piet Boon® and Avenue Design Studio. Her delicate Second Skin collection is one of my favorites in the store (the xl charcoal bowl in the top photo is part of it). Read more about it as well as July's artistic travel and experiences right after the jump.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your store

I grew up close to nature, in a small village in the north of Holland. I still love to be surrounded by the sea and the forest. However I do love the city life too. So frequently I travel to Amsterdam to work on several styling and photography projects.

In 2012 I graduated as an Interior Stylist at the Artemis Academy Amsterdam. In that same year I got hired as an interior stylist at Piet Boon®.

My passion for colour, material and new shapes, became obvious while working on projects at Piet Boon® for two years. During my time there, I created several styling products used for national and international projects. I worked on new prognoses and created themes for mood books and colour palettes to apply in styling projects. My graphic design background helps me to have an eye for graphic details and organic shapes in the creation of new products. Nowadays, I work as a freelance artist, stylist and photographer while setting up exciting new product lines, such as the Second Skin Collection.

For my first handmade collection in 2012, The Second Skin Collection, I was looking for a platform to sell my products. I already heard good stories about Etsy, so I decided to give it a try. It worked out very well and I have customers now all around the world!

July Product Styling on Etsy
Plate medium, Pale, Second Skin Collection ($36.44)

How/when did you realize that your love for creating can be something more than a hobby?

When I worked on handmade interior styling accessories during my work at Piet Boon I discovered my passion for creating new products with simple and pure materials. To be able to create and work with all types of materials (paper, plaster, wood) made me very happy. So I wanted to do more with that. Also my love for handmade ceramics grew more and more when seeing beautiful designs during my styling work. So around that time the dream of making my own ceramics was growing. After a lot of practicing I can now make my own one-of-a-kind ceramic cups and bowls and sell them through Etsy.

July Product Styling on Etsy
Ceramic small bowl black ($25.55)

What is it that makes your products special?

I think the use of materials in for example The Second Skin Collection, is something new. I was experimenting with cotton fabric and plaster, to create more structure in the products and keep a matte finish. With the cotton and plaster I found the effect I was looking for. And the shapes I can create are endless. At this moment I am working on a special project with much bigger shapes. Very Exciting!

What was the first thing you sold on your store?

My first sold items were to my parents. They ordered the products and I could remember that sound of the Etsy app when an order is placed. It’s like a jingling cash. I was (and still am) so happy to hear that sound!

Because of the great support of family and friends, and especially my boyfriend, I could set up my own business. Besides my shop, I also work on several creative projects as a stylist and photographer.

July Product Styling on Etsy
July Product Styling on Etsy

Do you have any favorite/s from your collection? 
I personally have a favorite, the XL Bowl in the colour charcoal. I like the simple form and love the large size of the bowl. And it’s also possible to order it with a hanging system, so you can hang it on your wall.

What influences your work?

I love the simplicity and sophistication in a design. I am always looking for a pure and simple form, but with subtle details which defines the design and makes it special. My work is influenced by Japanese aesthetics and Minimal Art. The use of forms, structures and lines are so important. I think that Japanese designers are very good in using those elements in a delicate way.

July Product Styling on Etsy
Ceramics, three pieces ($97.34)

How do you usually keep yourself inspired?

To keep myself inspired I go to fairs such as Dutch Design week. I am reading reports about new trends and about upcoming artists and designers. And of course I use Pinterest a lot to find new images that inspire me. I am always on the look out for new and interesting things. I carry a notebook with me everywhere I go, to write down my ideas and sketches. I love to write down ideas and draw things, make things visual and translate it into my new designs.

What aspects of your business/store do you enjoy the most?

The design process is the most fun part. When you need to test materials and do research, you make a lot of ‘mistakes’. But the mistakes can lead to new perspectives and in the end, to new designs. At this moment I am working on a new series with other material than clay or plaster. I can’t say much about it yet, but it will be a whole new collection, where the shapes are the most important aspect of the designs.

July Product Styling on Etsy
Large bowl, Ultramarine Blue, limited edition ($146)

Where do you see your business in 5 years time?

In 5 years I hope to own a studio space in Amsterdam. A combination of studio/workspace, where I can make a mess with my research process in different materials, and where I can do photoshoots for creative projects. That would be a great combination.

Is there any advice you would like to give to people who want to start their own handmade business?

Of course you have to have a passion for making handmade products, and if you have, 100% sure it will work out great. Believe in what you do and if it gets a little bit tough, don’t give up too easy. Take your time to make a good concept and a good branding plan for your product, because that’s very important. And last but not least, make sure your (webshop)photos are in one style and of good
quality. Good visuals are very important for your sales numbers. And don’t forget to live your dream!

July Product Styling on Etsy

You can find July on facebook, instagrampinterest and her webpage.
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