Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Weekend

Bedroom via Oscar Properties


Too pretty to eat floral cakes.

This unique oversized sweater.

Haha, we freelancers need our achievement stickers too.

Also, here are some nifty tips for new freelancers.

Such a gorgeous housewarming gift!

A favorite interior design style: The Parisian Art Deco style.

These incredibly detailed artworks with the mesmerizing illusion of depth.

Most adorable handmade baby rattles.

My life lately.

These look delicious.


Last week - Spotted: Two-arm wall lamp in the bedroom

Last week - 10 best stores for handmade ceramic tableware on Etsy

Back in 2016 - G House by Olivier Dwek

Back in 2015 - Contemporary bathroom illusion

Happy weekend, friends :)

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