Cozy bedrooms in dark hues

Thursday, July 6, 2017
Modern rustic bedroom by Annabell Kutucu
Annabell Kutucu
Cozy bedroom in gray hues. Photo by Beeldstein

Dark shaded bedrooms might not be the easiest to wake up to in the morning, as they hardly let the sunlight flow in them, yet they have such a cozy and welcoming vibe during the late hours when you put your tired body to sleep. Love these two for their unrefined and minimalistic rustic approach. Difficult to choose between them, just let me doze off in any of them for a little while and my sleepless self will thank you a million ^_^ 

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2 comments on "Cozy bedrooms in dark hues"
  1. The concrete effect in the second room is amazing!

  2. That is such a good point. It might be impossible to design a bedroom that is perfect for both cozy (maybe winter) nights and bright, summer mornings. Now you got me thinking :)