Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Weekend

Small scandinavian apartment via Kvarteret Mäkleri


Really?! I definitely have to try this.

This Pinterest account is wow.

This salad bowl is beautiful.

This is how big design companies use moodboards.

Gorgeous wide linen trousers for the hot summer days.

Can't believe this gorgeous apartment is only 29 sq.m.

What an adorable baby mobile.

Current trend I'm digging: Depression glass.

When there is roasted pineapple involved then I'm definitely in.

Oh, the cuteness of this onesie!


Last week - My Paradissi is 7!

Last week - New in Portfolio: Small kitchen design

Back in 2016 - See your future home in virtual reality

Back in 2015 - Contemporary tropical backyard design


Happy weekend, friends :)

Join the fun

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