A cool way to lay subway tiles

Thursday, May 4, 2017
Kitchen backsplash with vertical stacking bond subway tile (via Bicker)
Vertical stacking bond (Bicker)
Kitchen backsplash with vertical running bond subway tile (via WSworkshop)
Vertical running bond (WSworkshop via here)

It is probably no big deal and kind of obvious but hey, just look at what a 90 rotated placement of a very ordinary tile can do to a kitchen! Looks like a whole new world while using a budget friendly material that can be found in most stores. I love the look of it so much I have already used it in two of my recent projects! My favorite is the vertical stacking bond although the vertical running bond is quite a beauty too. Which one would you pick?

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3 comments on "A cool way to lay subway tiles"
  1. Such a simple thing but it really makes it look like the kitchen has transformed. Like always, really good pictures Eleni.

  2. I always like simple things like this.
    Great photos!

  3. What color is your grout?