Tuesday, March 7, 2017

SPOTTED: Sculpture on pedestals

Sculpture on pedestal | Styling by Annaleena Leino, photo by Adam Helbaoui for Alexander White
Styling by Annaleena Leino, photo by Adam Helbaoui for Alexander White

If there is one decorating trend that is sure to bring class and sophistication to your interior, then it is definitely this one. Sculptural art neatly displayed on minimalistic pedestals. Love how three-dimensional art invades in the home styling even more than ever and gets a prominent space all on its own. It is, however, the juxtaposition of the curvaceous forms of the art pieces and the strict cubic form of the pedestal that makes my heart sing. A minimalistic approach to the display that lets the art speak for itself while matching the aesthetic of most contemporary interiors. 

Sculpture on pedestal | Claes Juhlin
Claes Juhlin via here
 Sculpture on pedestal | Katty Schiebeck
Katty Schiebeck
 Sculpture on pedestal | Louise Liljencrantz
Louise Liljencrantz
 Sculpture on pedestal | Vincent Van Duysen
Vincent Van Duysen via here
Modern abstract sculptures on Etsy

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  1. Thank you for the link to the beautiful site of Kathy Schiebeck. So in love with that sofa!


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