My bedroom redo

Thursday, March 2, 2017
My bedroom redo by My Paradissi

The time is here, folks! I'm only a few weeks away from my due date and I am in a whirling mode of preparing our home for the baby to come. Our new baby will be sleeping with us for the first months so our bedroom is needed of a pretty little redo to accommodate the crib as well as our current needs asap. Truth is, after we moved into our new apartment, the bedroom was the most neglected room of the house. Simple and practical it was, yes, but not just there yet. I wanted it to feel cozy, welcoming, bright, natural, with a feeling of a down to earth comfort and personality. 

The first thing I ditched was our (broken) old canopy bed. Not really sorry about that ;) We got ourselves a simple bedframe, no headboard this time, no posters no nothing. Just a bedframe. What we are going to invest on, however, is the perfect mattress. And we knew exactly where to look at from the very beginning. COCO-MAT. An award winning greek brand that specializes in high-quality handcrafted beds and natural mattresses made in Greece. We picked the Atlas mattress that offers two levels of elasticity to choose from, one in each side, the Iviskos topper to complete the comfort and support and the Sithon I pillows, a hard choice among the 15 different pillow types that they have. I'm so looking forward to receiving them over the next days!

And then, there are the bed linens. As you might guess, I just couldn't pick anything else than pure linen fabric for them. Nothing can bring the fresh natural vibe in a space as successfully as linen. I found these super cool ones with black buttons at LinumStudio and ordered them asap.  They will look so great with my heirloom handwoven throw my mom gave me as a wedding gift and that it's high time I took out of the closet.

Art, on the other side, was really hard to choose. I was not sure, at the beginning, if I'd go for color or black and white. Then I saw this waterfall poster by typealive and my mind was set. The perfect combination of zen and power. Exactly the scene I'd like to wake up to. The photo of the rustic staircase is an Instagram shot of my village from a couple of years ago which I intend to have framed. It reminds me of the happy relaxing summer afternoons of my childhood, definitely a vibe I'd like to have in my bedroom. Lastly, the bold black and white roses print is such a positive and vibrant photo, delicate yet not boring at all.

The unrefined wooden accents (stool, tray), the black bamboo ladder, the stunning jute baskets and the striped runner rugs add the perfect amount of country essence to the, otherwise, black and white decor. Also, it was a sort of compromise we had with my husband to have him accept that not many colors will be used in this room (ehem, not any for that matter).

The crib is also white and baby's linens and accessories will be matching the concept described above. Nothing too fancy or too babyish. I will start putting together the room in the following days and take a few shots to share on the blog when it is finished. Stay tuned!

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2 comments on "My bedroom redo"
  1. Love where this is going! pretty much how i want my whole house to look :D

    1. Thank you Corina! Means a lot to hear this from you :*
      Do let me know if you need any help with your home redo or the nursery :DD