Thursday, March 16, 2017

Bedroom clothes rack inspiration

Bedroom clothes rack inspiration | Trendland
What do you think about hanging your clothes in plain sight in your bedroom? I have to admit, as a clutter phobic, I'm a bit terrified of the idea. Yet, it does look impressive in some cases (with a well curated and minimum quantity wardrobe I guess). I might just probably give it a try provided that I had a larger room for that matter. How about you?

Bedroom clothes rack inspiration | A Merry Mishap
A Merry Mishap
Bedroom clothes rack inspiration | Ahre
Ahre via here
Bedroom clothes rack inspiration | Bjurfors
Bjurfors via here
Bedroom clothes rack inspiration | Stylizimo

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  1. Love it! In fact my boyfriend are I are 'obliged' to do this, because we are still renovating our house (50s) and a fancy walk-in closet is still a dream... Others projects first... These alternatives look pretty stylish though!

  2. Love this selection - especially the first one. I think that open wardrobes look less cluttered than big, bulky wardrobes. I have gone for open wardrobes in my bedroom and I am very pleased with it - our bedroom looks bigger and feels much more spacious. It was a DIY which of course I will share at some point.

    1. Thanks for the feedback :) A room does feel more spacious with less bulky furniture in it!

  3. Very interesting idea... would have never thought of this myself. Thanks for sharing


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