Friday, February 17, 2017

ETSY MIX of the week

Etsy mix of the week

1 | My kitchen will look just a bit more interesting with these gorgeously simple organic linen towels (myBlueMeadow, $24.13)
2 | Love the neutral hues of this abstract minimalistic art print (thelightproject, $8.68)
3 | This rad and rather hairy tapestry art (BookMeatStudio, $300)
4 | This adorable knitted sweater to wear every day (GurenkovaKnitwear, $100)
5 | I'm looking for new linen bedding for my bedroom. I like the color of these pillowcases (LINENSY, $18.64+)
6 | The impeccable Japanese pottery of Koji Kitaoka (KojiKitaoka, $28)

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