Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Bedrooms with black art

Bedrooms with black art via Fantastic Frank

Love the contrast a black art print makes in these otherwise bright bedrooms. The neutral white, grays and earthy tones of the bedding suddenly get a bit more exciting with that decorating touch. For that matter, here are 8 dark artworks that got my attention and would match this style beautifully.

Black art found on Etsy

1 | helobirdie ($16.56)
2 | KoettPhotographs ($40+)
3 | kariherer ($30)
4 | ClareElsaesser ($20+)
5 | afrois ($9.88+)
6 | BritneyJette ($15+)
7 | lucysnowephotography ($35+)
8 | ChrisHagan ($21)

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Both bedrooms were styled for Fantastic Frank (top and bottom).


  1. Great selection of black art, I particulary love the painting in the first picture, who is the artist?

    1. Oh, isn't it awesome? I'm afraid I have no idea though who's the artist..


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