ETSY MIX of the week

Thursday, June 30, 2016
ETSY MIX of the week

1 | Minimalistic naturalist posters in the most perfect shade of green (OAKgallery, $55.76 for a set of 4)
2 | This high neck top looks so light and airy and elegant at the same time (SaturdayProject, $67)
3 | This coffee table by the amazing Yield Design Co. is the new talk of the internet (YieldDesignCo, $2250)
4 | Pretty little lidded bowl to store away the everyday jewels (YuliaTsukerman, $42)
5 | The brass details of this industrial inspired bankers lamp add a sophisticated note to it (JonesCountyRoad, $260)
6 | Love the close-up photo art print of this palm tree. Fresh and kind of abstract at the same time (riotjane, $32)

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Minimalistic farmhouse in Belgium

Wednesday, June 29, 2016
Minimalistic farmhouse in Belgium by Vincent Van Duysen

The calmness and serenity of this country house in Belgium, designed by Vincent Van Duysen, is so inspiring. This modern world sanctuary, deprived of the unnecessary luxuries, makes me want to deny all my townhome practicalities and switch to a rural living instead. Wouldn't mind cooking fresh produce in this minimalistic kitchen, lounge on this casual cozy linen sofa by the open fire or wake up to the field views every morning. In fact, it sounds like bliss ^^

Black and white scandinavian bedrooms

Tuesday, June 28, 2016
Black and white scandinavian bedroom. L'Affiche Moderne
L'Affiche Moderne via here
Have you ever focused so hard on a project that time flew by without even noticing? That's exactly what happened to me today, so please excuse my random posting ^^ Not that these black and white bedrooms aren't worth of out love and attention, right?

Black and white scandinavian bedroom. Alvhem
Black and white scandinavian bedroom. Alvhem
Black and white scandinavian bedroom. Kristofer Johnsson
Kristofer Johnsson via here
Black and white scandinavian bedroom. Therese Sennerholt
Therese Sennerholt via here

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5 UNDER $70: Modern Accent Tables

Monday, June 27, 2016

Sunday bliss is..

Sunday, June 26, 2016
Casa Cook Rhodes. Interior Design, Styling and Experience Concept by Annabell Kutucu and Michael Schickinger Architecture by Vana Pernari. Photography by Georg Roske
Kahlua coconut cream affogato popsicles recipe by Yes To Yolks

..freshening up with these Kahlua coconut cream affogato popsicles in the amazing modern ethnic environment of Casa Cook in Rhodes

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The Weekend

Saturday, June 25, 2016
Scandinavian bedroom with grey linen bedding. Photo Jonas Berg, styling Emma Fisher via Stadshem


Spending the whole vacation in this dress.

Creatives are like athletes. They need as well to train those intellectual muscles.

Love how such a little accessory can transform a ponytail.

Do you agree? Are you guilty of any of those annoying vacation trends?

Craving for those ultra summery vegetarian sandwiches.

While trying to keep my kid (and us) cool in the heart of the city, I found these ideas both fun and creative and with loads of water involved.

This swimsuit. Swoon.

Built-in showers and baths are sort of my soft spot.

Inspired by this quote with the most straight-to-the-point made up word.

Most gorgeous armchair for the outdoor space.


Last week - E-design: Casual breezy living room

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Back in 2015 - 22 of the prettiest outdoor showers

Back in 2014 - Country chill in Mallorca

Happy weekend, friends :)

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Image by Jonas Berg via here

Minimalistic kitchen design inspiration

Friday, June 24, 2016
Minimalistic kitchen design inspiration | AD Office
AD Office
Really don't mind the lack of extras or color in these pure grayscale minimalistic kitchens. On the contrary, actually, I'd love to spend some time in any of them cooking or hanging around; the two most important things one can do in a kitchen (no, washing the dishes isn't a part of them at all). Hope you like and enjoy these as much as I do ^^

Minimalistic kitchen design inspiration | Flack Studio
Flack Studio
Minimalistic kitchen design inspiration | Line Klein Studio
Line Klein Studio
Minimalistic kitchen design inspiration | Studio Niels
Studio Niels
Minimalistic kitchen design inspiration | Remy Meijers
Remy Meijers

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ETSY MIX of the week

Thursday, June 23, 2016
ETSY MIX of the week | My Paradissi

1 | This poster made me laugh :D (PanLisPL, $25+)
2 | This long black dress looks so elegant and breezy and totally easy to wear (SHILASTUDIO, $165+ currently on sale 20% with code SALE20)
3 | Beautiful statement necklace to wear with minimalistic or more bohemian outfits (Harpdesigns, $92)
4 | Oh my, just look at this toddler's tank! I'm sure my boy would go bonkers with it (LolaandStella, $32+)
5 | Check out this rad backpack! Best friend for mini getaways or getting around town in style (MUNIshop, $89)
6 | This pillow is so fun with the bold geometric prints and the peach detail (depeapa, $39)

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E-Design: Casual breezy living room

Wednesday, June 22, 2016
E-design service by My Paradissi | Moodboard and floorplan layout

Since quite of you have recently asked what an e-design package actually looks like I decided to share with you a sample to get an idea. It is not very different from the usual moodboards I post here on the blog ever so often but there is one big difference; all the furniture and accessories are picked based on the client's style, needs and budget. Sounds legit, right? And why choose to have an e-design for your space instead of a traditional design service? Let's just say that an e-design package is more like a diy helping list, suitable for those who don't mind putting personal work on their home decorating and save some extra bucks on the designer's fee. An e-design package, on the other hand, is not for those who need thorough guidance or someone to take care of all the decorating details and be there 24/7. That's what traditional design services do. Also, an e-design service can be provided to any client around the world, no matter where they live, since all communication and shopping is made through the internet. Hope this answers some of your questions but feel free to drop me a line if you need more info or request a quote for a room you want to have decorated!

E-design service by My Paradissi | Shopping list
E-design service by My Paradissi | Shopping list

P.s. Curious to see some of my personal works? Click here then!

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Those tempting turquoise pool waters

Tuesday, June 21, 2016
Turquoise pool waters, minimalistic outdoor design | Laura Goodall
Laura Goodall
While running errands in the hottest of days, I really wish I were somewhere amongst these minimalistic pool settings, enjoying the pure clear turquoise waters. For that matter, check out this pool I designed last year in this contemporary tropical backyard, 10 more backyard pools to steal your heart and these outstanding pools on the Grecian islands. Will you join me, mentally at least? :)

Turquoise pool waters, minimalistic outdoor design | Alberto Campo Baeza
Alberto Campo Baeza via here
Turquoise pool waters, minimalistic outdoor design | Mon Palmer
Mon Palmer via here
Turquoise pool waters, minimalistic outdoor design | Onion Architects
Onion Architects via here
Turquoise pool waters, minimalistic outdoor design | Poltrona Canasta Patricia Urquiola / B&B Italia
via arkpad

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Small minimalistic white apartment

Monday, June 20, 2016
The White Retreat, Sitges, Spain. Small all white apartment design by CaSA. Photo by Roberto Ruiz

Prepare yourself for a great deal of white. Objectively, this 36sqm apartment designed by CaSA, is not for everyone. The all white design (and talking literally in this case) came to fruition under the guidance of its owner, a French Art historian and curator, who very much needed a clean bright space in 'silence and light'. I would love to live in such a place for a while and feel the thorough lack of color. I think I might actually enjoy it there ;) I would undoubtedly opt for the bathroom, however. I'm all for black and white grid tiles lately! What do you think of all that white minimalism?

Sunday bliss is..

Sunday, June 19, 2016
Scandinavian kitchen. Styling by Pella Hedeby. Photography by Medina Lind via My Home Magazine
No-bake peanut butter cup cookies recipe by How Sweet It Is

..devouring these mouth watering no-bake peanut butter cup cookies in this casual scandinavian kitchen.

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The Weekend

Saturday, June 18, 2016
Rustic bed nook with plywood storage drawers under bed. Styling by Mette Helena Rasmussen, photo by Tia Borgsmidt via Bolig


This dress to beat the summer heat.

Flawless country shower.

'The art is not something you apply to your work. The art is the way you do your work, a result of your attitude toward it'. Must read advice for students (and not only) by Charles Eames.

Just look at how this guy transformed his old rusty cargo van (spoiler: perfect vacation getaway vehicle).

This blush leather jacket OMG.

Did you know that growing your own succulents would be so easy (and so cute)?

Not your average farmhouse.

Put this round towel in my beach bag and make me happy.

This pizza to eat without regrets.

Need this tote bag for the summer (but I'm probably getting this one instead =D)


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Happy weekend, friends :)

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Styling by Mette Helena Rasmussen, photo by Tia Borgsmidt via Bolig (found via here)

THE ROOM: Sculptural bathroom design

Friday, June 17, 2016
Eclectic bathroom design with marble and oak by François Champsaur in a Parisian apartment

Wait till you see this bathroom meraviglioso. I mean, this bathroom is not just any bathroom, it is more of a piece of art. A sculpture that you can walk into and, ahem, use in a rightful manner. It is not only the impeccable architecture with the curvaceous forms swirling into one another, it is the use of materials as well, with the opulent marble surfaces completing the dramatic oak panelled walls in a match made in heaven. This is the exquisite work of designer François Champsaur for an equally astonishing, renovation of this Parisian apartment. Oh!
Eclectic bathroom design with marble and oak by François Champsaur in a Parisian apartment
Eclectic bathroom design with marble and oak by François Champsaur in a Parisian apartment
Eclectic bathroom design with marble and oak by François Champsaur in a Parisian apartment

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ETSY MIX of the week

Thursday, June 16, 2016
Handmade and vintage picks from Etsy

1 | This vintage open front cardigan has just the perfect hue and form for the everyday wear (OiseauVintage, $32)
2 | I'm in love with the dreamy vibe of this grayscale roses print (Lumelena, $26.26+)
3 | This white fish mobile is so adorable (Lapintrou, $56)
4 | Love the delicate curvaceous form of this minimalistic ring (AgJc, $39.36+)
5 | This pitcher makes me crave for some open kitchen shelving just to be able to decorate with it (ebenotti, $188)
6 | Nothing can beat a simple tan leather shopper bag. This one got straight into my wishlist! (morelle, $118)

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See your future home in Virtual Reality

Tuesday, June 14, 2016
Eclectic minimalistic dining room with gloss concrete floor. Interior design by Eleni Psyllaki @myparadissi

We are living in great times, people! Great technological times that is*. I have been dreaming about this futuristic scenario as an architecture student (we even had a class about it back then- which actually makes me laugh right now :D). Are you familiar with the term VR? Virtual reality is a computer technology that replicates an environment, real or imagined, and simulates a user's physical presence and environment to allow for user interaction (Wikipedia). In other words, wear those tech goggles and dive into the 3d world, baby ^^

Contemporary sophisticated penthouse

Monday, June 13, 2016
Hampton Penthouse. Interior design by Huntly, photo by Brooke Holm

I'm very much intrigued by the easy going yet completely elegant and sophisticated design of this penthouse by Huntly. The modern lines, marble surfaces, warm metals, and soft textiles on a serene white canvas are so my thing right now. Also, the wall to wall sheer white curtains make the whole place even more cozier and welcoming. Swoon ^^

Sunday bliss is..

Sunday, June 12, 2016
Small white kitchen with wooden ceiling beams. Villa Piedad by Marta Badiola. Photo by Francisco Berreteaga
Summer berry pie recipe by A Cozy Kitchen

..baking a mouthwatering summer berry pie in this cute simple and clean small kitchen.

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The Weekend

Saturday, June 11, 2016
Cozy sleeping nook via Bo Bedre


OMG this romper is so pretty ^^

This Mediterranean salad.

This bar is so rad (and white!)

This dress to wear all summer long.

These are such exciting news.

This pleated skirt. Want!

These architectural patterns.

This super cute attic nook.

This hairdo.

This wallpaper. Tropical swoon.


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Happy weekend, friends :)

P.s. Find my latest interview on Miss Bloom (in greek)

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Image via Bo Bedre

My Paradissi is 6

Friday, June 10, 2016
My Paradissi 6 years blogiversary

It is this time of year again that I gasp and awe at the thought of my little blog getting one more year older. 6 years already? 6 years from the day I shyly sat in front of my computer screen creating a blogger account. Oh my, it feels like yesterday. No, actually it feels like lightyears away. A once fun and inspiring hobby has turned to be my profession, my everyday occupation, a milestone in my lifetime whatsoever. Through this blog I created, I realised, I evolved. And I still do, thankfully, and hopefully for many more years to come. And all thanks to you, favorite people, readers, who drop by on this little place on the vast online world, to read, enjoy, be inspired and share the love. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Thank you for actually making my dream a flesh and bone passion. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Before I get soapy, here are the 10 posts you seemed to enjoy most from the year that has passed

And, here are some of my favorites

Also, here are some personal projects I had the pleasure to work on

Thank you again, guys! See you around :)

My Paradissi 6 years blogiversary

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ETSY MIX of the week

Thursday, June 9, 2016
Handmade jewelry, accessories and homeware from Etsy. Picks by My Paradissi

1 | Love these round concrete coasters for the everyday use (MadeByRheal, $24 set of 4)
2 | Cool ring you can wear two ways (iouliaKdesign, $64.37)
3 | Rad minimalistic ear cuff (jewelryMirta, $46.82+)
4 | Swooning over this delicate floral phone case (ClashCases, $15)
5 | Want this white leather crossbody bag so bad (UmbrellaCollective, $88)
6 | The perfect shade of linen pillowcases (notPERFECTLINEN, $50+)

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