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Saturday, April 30, 2016
Super chunky wool blanket from Ohhio | Decordots


Why, from all things, these should be the next shoe trend?

That's interesting.

Rattan pendant lights are so summer.

Cool way to make ancient ruins whole again.

Mesmerising kinetic sculpture.

I need this gorgeous hanging chair for my terrace so bad.

These are not photos of real food. Can you believe?

Never really grasped the idea of a capsule wardrobe. Maybe that's why.

This renovated fortified tower in southern Greece feels like an incredible vacation experience.

Perfect white bomber jacket (this one too ^^).


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Back in 2014 - Tiny attic apartment in Paris

Happy Easter to the Orthodox fellas! xo

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Image via Decordots

Small home office inspiration

Friday, April 29, 2016
Small home office inspiration | 3d visualisation by Bartosz Kontek

This seems like a pretty little home office to work from; easy to keep distractions out of the door, focus and get things done. Something I really miss now, since the home office in our new apartment is literally in the center of the home and right in between the kitchen and my son's room (=ultimate distraction even as I type these words lol).

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Image via Behance

ETSY MIX of the week

Thursday, April 28, 2016
ETSY MIX of the week

1 | Rad asymmetric sweatshirt to steal the show (HokoStudio, $127.89)
2 | Cool way to display magazines and books with this plexiglass and wood shelf (minjonshop, $115.37)
3 | I was so thrilled to come across the incredible work of Gosia Herba. This print is only a small example of her work, hop over to her store for lots more (GosiaHerba, $38.47+)
4 | Rug as a form of art by creative GUR (RUGbyGUR, $139.84)
5 | Pretty stoneware ceramics to display on the kitchen shelf (YieldDesignCo, $28+)
6 | Can you tell this necklace is made by an architect? Love the geometric form and the mix of rope and brass details (myLifebox, $46.61)

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MOOD 17_16

Wednesday, April 27, 2016
MOOD 17_16 | My Paradissi
Today, I'm feeling like..

Usine bar in Stockholm
..drinking a drink or two at the Usine bar in Stockholm (via)

Denim all over via Happily Grey
..wearing denim all over with this chambray shirt and these jeans (via)

Tahini ice cream with honey caramel recipe by Butterlust
..indulging in a mouthwatering tahini ice cream with honey caramel

Scandinavian bedroom with grey linen bedding via Stadshem
 ..relaxing under super cushy grey linen bedding (via)

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2 ALIKE: All black bathrooms

Tuesday, April 26, 2016
All black bathroom | Villa E in Morocco by Studio Ko
Studio Ko
All black bathroom | Potts Point Apartment II by Tom Ferguson. Designer: George Livissianis
Tom Ferguson
How about these super moody bathrooms? We talked about interiors with black walls the other day, but these all black and really dark spaces definitely take your breath away, in a good way or not ;) Love the stucco finish and the light sneaking from the above in the shower of the first photo and the illusion of depth created by the mirror in the second one. So, is this something you'd like for your bathroom?

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MOODBOARD: Modern Coastal Bedroom

Monday, April 25, 2016
MOODBOARD: Modern Coastal Bedroom | My Paradissi

1 | Asstd National Brand Bubble Glass and Wood Pendant Lamp (JCPenney, $159.99)
2 | Balboa Headboard (Serena & Lily, $595–895)
3 | Buenos Aires Walnut Wood & Marble Side Table (Jonathan Adler, $665)
4 | Nila Striped Cotton Pillow (John Robshaw, $151.90)
5 | Indigo Textile Lumbar Pillow (The Well Appointed House, $220)
6 | Whisper Hand-Woven Rug  (Surya, $65–699)
7 | 600 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set (Nordstrom, $240–275)
8 | Handmade Linen Throw (Luisa Via Roma, $186)
9 | Pencil & Paper Rattan Peacock Bench (One Kings Lane, $600)
10 | "Gratte-ciels" by Gaetan Caron (Serena & Lily, $645)
11 | "Auto-Portrait sur Argile" by Gaetan Caron (Serena & Lily, $445)
12 | Blanc Candle (Jonathan Adler, $78)

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Sunday bliss is..

Sunday, April 24, 2016
Wood and marble open kitchen design by Arent&Pyke, photo by Anson Smart
Lemony zucchini cake with earl grey buttercream recipe by Top With Cinnamon

..baking a creative lemony zucchini cake with earl grey buttercream in this gorgeous marble and wood open kitchen.

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The Weekend

Saturday, April 23, 2016
Bright scandinavian window seating nook via Bolig


This denim dress. Want!

Drooling over this pasta recipe.

Wouldn't mind calling this showroom my home.

Would you live in a boathouse? This couple totally nailed it.

This art print duo screams summer.

These photos are sure to satisfy even the most OCD person around.

Most gorgeous coastal counter stool.

When interior design feels more like art.

This pool. Is it paradise already?

If you're on to creating a scandinavian decorated room for your kid, then this quilt is sure to complete the look.


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Back in 2014 - Coastal cabin home in South Africa

Happy weekend, friends :)

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Image via Bolig

Blue and white Greek island photos to make you book your holidays now

Friday, April 22, 2016
Perivolas Hotel, Santorini. Photo by William Abranovicz
Perivolas Hotel, Santorini via here
Please excuse me, for I am about to share with a really cheesy post today. It is this time of the year (again) that I start seeing everything in blue and white. Sure, living on an island myself, right next to the sea actually, does add up to the problem, but what I really dream of right now is the iconic minimalism of the curvaceous white plaster forms under the deep blue Aegean sky on the impeccable greek islands. So, while checking on instagram some must visit hotels in Mykonos and Santorini, here are some snapshots I came across that had me just a click away from booking my next vacation there. 

ETSY MIX of the week

Thursday, April 21, 2016
ETSY MIX of the week | My Paradissi

1 | I haven't worn large scale jewelry in ages and this rope necklace really tempts me to start again (Tzunuum, $52)
2 | I'm such a fan of simple easy to wear outfits that are cute and cozy at the same time. Something like this dress, I mean (PULPAdesign, $80)
3 | Time to update the kitchen towels to something more casual and country inspired (LINOHAZE, $28, set of 3)
4 | This Nevada Desert printed pouch slash pencil case is so unique (LeeCoren, $22)
5 | Haha, this could be my current life moto. Totally (bellesandghosts, $10)
6 | Acapulco chairs are such summer and breeze hoarders. Love this vintage slim one coming all the way from the 60ies (MatthewRachman, $2625, set of 2)

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Eclectic modernist apartment in Spain

Wednesday, April 20, 2016
Eclectic modernist apartment in Spain. Design by Andrée Putman. Image by Antonio Terron for AD Spain

Love the understated modern elegance of this spanish apartment designed by Andrée Putman. The statement curved glass brick wall creates an impeccable light flow in the living room and the subtle color palette inspired by oak and walnut hues adds up to the sophisticated atmosphere. Fun thing is that, although this apartment was designed (and photographed) more than 10 years ago, it stays completely relevant and fresh to the contemporary design trends. Follow me, after the jump, for a tremendous house tour!

Will you try this styling tip on your bookcase?

Tuesday, April 19, 2016
Bookcase styling tip | Stadshem
Stadshem via here
What do you think of reversed books on bookcases? I still haven’t made up my mind on that. I admit it creates a coherent and clean result, a seamless background to a more minimalistic or scandinavian home design. Helps a lot when you possess books with an ugly spine or subject you’re not interested in reading again (I know I have loads of old uni books I’ll never ever read again but not feeling like parting ways with them). On the other hand, if you actually want to use/showcase your precious hardcovers, then it is completely unpractical (not to mention a kind of blasphemy) not to place them in their rightful manner. Of course, like all things, there is always the middle way solution, where you can style your books guided by how you actually use them to mix and match the shown/hidden spines. So how do you do it? How are the books placed on your bookcase? 

Bookcase styling tip | Interior Design and Styling by Annabell Kutucu. Photography by Claus Brechenmacher
Interior Design and Styling by Annabell Kutucu. Photo by Claus Brechenmacher via here
Bookcase styling tip | photo by Boukari for Historiska Hem
Photo by Boukari for Historiska Hem via here
Bookcase styling tip | Photo by Birgit Fauske via Bo Bedre
 Photo by Birgit Fauske via Bo Bedre via here
Bookcase styling tip | Stadshem

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10 BEST: Modern plant stands

Monday, April 18, 2016
Modern Plant Stands
1 | Wire Planter by Norm Architects (Design Withing Reach, $75+)
2 | Iris Planter with Chevron Stand (West Elm, $99+)
3 | Modern Wood Leg Planter (West Elm, $109+)
4 | POD Aluminum Planter by Pad Outdoor (A+R, $58)
5 | Bullet Planter in white (One Kings Lane, $179)
6 | Dundee Floor Planters (Crate & Barrel, $69.95+)
7 | Case Study 3 Bowl Plant Stand by Modernica (Horne, $595)
8 | Robert Square Planter by M3LD (Wayfair, $143.99)
9 | Kronos Planter (Cb2, $69.95+)
10 | Double Octahedron Ring Planter (Eric Trine, $80)

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Sunday bliss is..

Sunday, April 17, 2016
Modern country kitchen in The Estate Trentham. Photo by Lisa Cohen
Vegan raspberry coconut scones recipe via Love and Lemons

..baking these vegan raspberry coconut scones in this impressive modern country kitchen

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The Weekend

Saturday, April 16, 2016
Pink wall in Portugal by Charissa Fay


Have you been wanting a furniture or accessory for your home that you saw on an interiors photo but have absolutely no idea where to find it? I have created a new Facebook group for that reason and you are most welcome to join!

This made me feel so good.

This is probably the comfiest designer chair ever.

Literally missed a heartbeat with this terrace.

Leather sandals with attitude.

Fun paper trick to make your kids/grown up friends think a moment or two (or three).

The secret to hanging art in twos.

Cutest baby mobiles EVER.

Had no idea peanuts developed underground. Nor that cocoa has such a lovely flower.

Small but incredibly cozy apartment.

Most gorgeous outdoor chair.


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Happy weekend, friends :)

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THE ROOM: Welcoming scandinavian bedroom

Friday, April 15, 2016
Welcoming scandinavian bedroom | Photography Jonas Berg, styling Up The Wooden Hills via Stadshem

I don't know if it is the understated design approach, the soft natural hues or the touch of japanese elegance but this bedroom has definitely stolen my heart. And, the sliding black frame door contrasting the wooden beams is such a gorgeous detail! You can see more photos of this simple yet utterly welcoming apartment here.

Welcoming scandinavian bedroom | Photography Jonas Berg, styling Up The Wooden Hills via Stadshem
Welcoming scandinavian bedroom | Photography Jonas Berg, styling Up The Wooden Hills via Stadshem

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Photography Jonas Berg, styling Up The Wooden Hills via Stadshem found here

ETSY MIX of the week

Thursday, April 14, 2016
ETSY MIX of the week | My Paradissi

1 | Fancy marbled cotton clutch to carry this summer (AuxGrandsRemedes, $30.04)
2 | Love the geometric transparency of this mesh lace skirt (SaturdayProject, $44)
3 | Like who wouldn't want a golden pointing hand hung on their wall :D For real now, it is a cool way to store/display those rings (hodihomedecor, $29)
4 | Beautifully unrefined bowls with indigo splashes for a million uses at home (fabriquedebrunswick, $31.48)
5 | Oh these earrings! Too pretty indeed ^^ (GammeBlanche, $13.86)
6 | The pineapple trend is still holding on, and quite truthfully, I don't thing it'll ever wear off during the warm months. So, get this print right on your wall now (kimfearheiley, $15+)

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Ode to simplicity

Wednesday, April 13, 2016
Ode to simplicity | My Paradissi

Less is more or, how I like to say, casual minimalism rocks. The effortless interiors, stripped off the unnecessary, neutral soft hues to create a calm sanctuary and a design that supports the everyday lifestyle rather than a stiff staged space hard to touch and to follow. Something like the photos that follow. Hope you find them exceptional as well :)

10 black painted walls to inspire you

Tuesday, April 12, 2016
10 black painted walls to inspire you | My Paradissi

Would you paint a wall in your house black? Or, have you already? Seems to be a huge trending movement right now, especially among the scandinavian designers/bloggers. Not that black interiors haven't been in the spotlight long time now, it's just this simple, minimalistic approach with the white and natural hue touches feels so fresh and easy to copy. And, to be quite frankly, a gallery wall looks so much more impressive on a black background, don't you agree? Here are 10 interiors I came across lately that feature a black painted wall with a great success. Enjoy!

P.s. Black wall in a kid's room, black bedroom walls and minimalistic black kitchens

10 BEST: Tan leather lounge chairs

Monday, April 11, 2016
Tan leather lounge chairs

1 | Masculo Lounge Chair by GamFratesi for Gubi (The Future Perfect, $2450)
2 | CH07 Shell Chair by Hans J. Wegner (Design Within Reach, $2750+)
3 | Cross Leg Lounge Chair by Magnus Long (The Conran Shop, £2000)
4 | 1938 Butterfly Chair (Cb2, $399)
5 | Metal Leather Arm Chair by Woodland Imports (Wayfair, $273.99)
6 | The Hunting Chair by Børge Mogensen (Fredericia)
7 | Sling Chair by Workstead (Horne, $2850)
8 | Afteroom Lounge Chair by Menu (Wayfair, $1359.99)
9 | U-Turn Swivel Chair by Niels Bendtsen (Design Within Reach, $3650)
10 | The Spanish Chair by Børge Mogensen (Fredericia)

*click on the roundup image for more tan leather lounge chair shopping suggestions!

P.s. 10 best tan leather sofas

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Sunday bliss is..

Sunday, April 10, 2016
Photo by Pia Ulin, styling by Lotta Agaton
French chocolate mendiants recipe by Oh, Lady Cakes

..lounging in this casually cool loft living room and munching on these pretty french chocolate mendiants.

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The Weekend

Saturday, April 9, 2016
Scandinavian styled cozy daybed via Heimelig Shop


Raddest wall vase.

Check out these tips on creating ideal outdoor spaces, incl. my take, on the Houseology Masterclass blog.

The secret to getting rich - Cheesy title, I know, but definitely has a point there.

Blush pink linen bedding seems to be the talk of the town lately. No wonder why.

This lighting installation is pure magic.

Did anyone say embroidery is for aunts and grannies? Of course it ain't. 

This dress is so adorable.

I have a pet peeve for all wood interiors but this one had me thinking over.

Toast certainly does know of aprons. This one got straight into my heart.

On the pressure contemporary moms put themselves to create a dreamworld for their kids. Don't.


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Back in 2014 - Decor trend: Ottomans as coffee tables

Happy weekend, friends :)

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Image via Heimelig Shop via here

Sophisticated interiors in warm hues

Friday, April 8, 2016
Est Magazine issue 21
Est Magazine issue 21
Structure, form and sculptural edges, warm hues and contrasting blacks, unexpected matches and elegant eclecticism, a few basic characteristics of these images that draw my attention today. Enjoy :)

Manolo Yllera via AD
Contemporary seating nook | Felix Forest via Vogue Living
Felix Forest via Vogue Living
Modern branch chandelier and ceiling medallion via Stadshem
Stadshem via here

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