Keeping it warm

Thursday, December 29, 2016
Cozy living room by Johanne Dueholm
Johanne Dueholm via here  
The wind is blowing so hard this evening, it's so comforting to be staying indoors enjoying the warmth of my home. I really wish this was the rule for every person in the world, no cold, no fear, no pain. Hope this new year will bring each and every one those basics that many of us often neglect as trivial or certain for they are not. It's not always about pretty interiors or impeccable possessions, and although this is the route and reason of this blog, we should never forget about those things that are not attractive to show and those feeling that are hard to talk about. I find myself more than often as I am growing up to lose my faith in humanity but then again I hate to see myself turning into a cynical old person. I know things are hard, let's just find that little bit of sparkle in our gestures that makes the difference. Who knows, maybe 2017 will surprise us in a good way :)

Griffiths Design Studio
Griffiths Design Studio 
Cozy bedroom via Fantastik Frank
Fantastik Frank
Open fireplace by Jonas Berg
Jonas Berg

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5 comments on "Keeping it warm"
  1. I whole-heartedly concur with your sentiments, Eleni. Best wishes, Ardith

  2. I just loved the indoors.It is so warm and comfy and cozy.The grey color perfectly matches with the white shades.Everything is just perfect.

  3. Great words, Eleni! Really hope that 2017 will surprise us and be a more safe and peaceful year for everyone in the world….

    So cozy pictures <3