Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Life lately..

Photo by Henri Del via Côté Maison

I have been meaning to write this post quite some time now but then again I somehow never got myself to it. You might have noticed that things have been a bit slow on this blog (and social media for that matter) and that’s for a very good reason. You see, summer has found me with some really exciting projects I gave heart and soul at that, unavoidably, left me a bit drained of inspiration for my little piece of heaven, my Paradissi. 

The first project is a home e-decor in Houston through Decorilla. Such an exciting project it was, I’m a bit sad to see it coming to an end. When there is a great and constant relation with the clients (which was more than awesome this time) it is guaranteed that the result will be thrilling no matter the (thousand) miles that separate us. I promise I’ll share a few shots of the finished project as soon as I’m able to : )

The second project is a bit closer to me, actually right outside Heraklion, and it is a hotel renovation. Now, that’s exciting : D You probably know my love of beautiful hotels and now it is my turn to actually challenge myself into creating a dream place to vacate. It is a beautiful surrounding, a few meters from an astonishing beach but, alas, it comes with a lot of difficulties mainly due to its structure and layout. Still lots of work on this one, but I’ll get to you with more info along the way.

And lastly, my third project, by no means has to do with design yet it devours most of my time and energy. I’m pregnant with baby no.2! I’ve just passed the first trimester and I can safely say that this time, it was no walk in the park. I had an awful morning sickness every single day that lasted all day long. And tiredness and sleepiness. Thankfully, with the vast help of my family, these days seem to be over now and I’m waking every morning to a more energized and full day. 

I am planning on posting more often again here but, please, bear with me a little longer. Thank you so much for always being present through my highs and lows. This blog is you and you know it :*

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Photo by Henri Del via Côté Maison


  1. Thanks for sharing with us the great news, I'm thrilled and wish you all the best!! Warm greetings from Italy :-*

  2. I'm sooo happy to hear these amazing news from you, dear Eleni!! Wishing you all the best over the next few months with your pregnancy! I'm sure you'll be such a lovely mama of 2 :))

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet words Gerry :)


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