The Weekend

Sunday, September 18, 2016
Cozy bed. Photo by Jonas Ingerstedt.


A manifest on true beauty (god, how much I love this woman!).

I'm sure this cushy knitted beanbag will bring hours of fun and relaxation at home both for me and my toddler.

This pasta recipe for an easy date with your significant other.

Love the warm feeling of this home.

OMG, this granite bowl is divine!

Cool idea to add a splash of color on your wall.

This floor. This gorgeous terrazzo floor.

It's cardigan season yay! Want this cozy oversized one.

This collar necklace is a  stunner.

Having this water bottle with me 24/7. So practical!


Last week - Old town apartment in Copenhagen

Last week - Contemporary minimalistic bathroom

Back in 2015 - Scandinavian inspired entryways

Back in 2014 - Modern country design inspiration

Happy weekend, friends :)

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