Shopping at S2 20

Monday, August 29, 2016
leather coat hanger from S2 20

It is always a pleasant surprise (or, may I say, some kind of relief) when I come across small online stores that have a homey, friendly vibe. Like the feeling when you wander alone in an unfamiliar city and suddenly come across a dear old friend out of nowhere. That feeling of belonging, of a cozy hug. S2 20 is that kind of store. I'm not sure if it is the impeccable styling talent of the owner shining through all the photos or the carefully curated collection of goods on the store with a focus on independent artists and handmade products varying from homeware to artprints and apothecary but the feeling is there whatever the case. 

Hege Morris, the owner behind S2 20, is a fellow blogger that I happen to follow her blog, Hege in France, a long time now. I was ecstatic to see her put together S2 20 and brave her way through the vast internet world with such a success. And, while I have the habit of spending lots of moments in her store (my latest order includes the incredible memo bottle to have always with me in my bag and this bamboo basket for the magazines in the living room), today is the first time I am mentioning it on this blog. Well, rest assured this ain't gonna be the last ;)

eco bag, bamboo toothbrush and liquid soap from S2 20

Edlab linen cushion cover in white and nude origami cushion cover from S2 20

small wool felt basket and bamboo toothbrush from S2 20

 memo bottle from S2 20
 memo bottle

city print by Block Stdo and white origami cushion cover from S2 20
city print by Block Stdo | white origami cushion cover

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